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How we provide our imei repair services here? 

Unblacklisting/Unblocking your phone:

How does this work? There is no need to mail the phone anywhere with our service. After purchase, contact a technician through the live chat on lower right corner of screen. Service to your phone will be completed immediately after checkout during business hours (Mon-Fri 9AM - 7PM PST & Sat 9AM - 7PM PST).

We have an efficient method of connecting and unblacklist/unlocking your phone in under 20 minutes. Your technician will never see your computer desktop or files. Complete and total privacy is given at all times.
Once you have 
placed the order please proceed to the web chat. One of our customer service reps will advise you regarding your order and the start time.

In order to connect remotely please proceed with the following instructions.
Please CLICK HERE to download the USB RE-DIRECTOR client edition and run it on your Windows device.

Once the program is launched on a Windows based device please press next.

Then, it will prompt for technician address. Input the following address for connection: tech1.ddns.net and press next.

After the connection has been made you will see Step 1 – Plug your USB DEVICE – please plug your phone in now. Unless the device is plugged it will not go to the second step and if its not on the second step we are unable to connect with your device.

Now connect your device to the USB cable and it will PROMPT to STEP 2 – Waiting for technician to start servicing. When you are on stage 2, now we will start working with your device.

While the device is being services it will be on STEP 3 – Please do not disconnect or reboot the device as the technician is working on your device currently.

Once the service is completed it will be on STEP 4 – Servicing of your device has been finished.

Is there any kind of warranty or guarantee with your service? We have a lifetime guarantee with all of our work. In the rare case your IMEI gets blocked again, we will fix it again right away for free. We keep a database of all phones and IMEI/Serial numbers we fix or replace so we know if we have done previous work on your phone or not.

Can I use my phone on Metro PCS (USA) afterwards? If you order one of our IMEI repair/change services, you will need to contact us for special pricing in order for it to work with Metro PCS (USA). If you order one of our IMEI cleaning/clearing services such as that for the S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8+, or iPhones, then you can use Metro PCS in USA no problem.

Did you see how easy you can unlock a phone with us, YES right We this unlocking phone store you will found the best unlock store server our unlock phones server can provide the best and more reliable unlock phones store if you are a store owner we can provide a better prices of course we will verify if you really are an store.

How Many time server take to get a phone unlock?

  • Time to make your phone be sim card unlock will take from 5-30 minutes depending on models and security
  • With us the time is the less then any other we will unlock your phone very fast
  • why can used a unlock code? unlock code some time doesn't work and some phone are report as backlisted those phones cant get just unlock