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Manufactures Supported:

  • Samsung

Models Supported:

  • All

*Device needs to be able to fully power up and get to the Google login / Samsung activation screen. If device doesn't boot up the request may be cancelled else other charges will apply.

Instructions: No special modes and no firmware! Just hook it up to the PC while phone is turned on and at the Google or Samsung login screen. Verizon / AT&T devices, please enable Wi-Fi connect to a working Wi-Fi network then sit at the Google or Samsung login screen. Then wait for a qualify technician for further instructions.

What this service is:

  • ✔ This service will remove the FRP (Factory Reset Protection | Google Account Lock | Reactivation Lock) permanently. 
  • ✔ This service is performed by a technician remotely using a USB cable.
  • ✔ This service is used when you can not get past the Google Account or Samsung Account screen during setup.
  • ✘ This service IS NOT a SIM unlock service. (Meaning this will not SIM Unlock the device for other service providers).
  • ✘ This service IS NOT a cleaning service. (It will not clean or change the status of the IMEI for service providers).

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