Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Unblacklist (ALL MODELS)

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Unblacklist (ALL MODELS)


Samsung Galaxy Note 9 unblacklist & unlock IMEI service for:

AT&T USA – (SM-N960U)
Sprint USA – (SM-N960U)
T-Mobile USA – (SM-N960U)
Verizon USA – (SM-N960U)
Europe – (SM-N960F)
Canada – (SM-N960W)
Asia – (SM-N960K)

This is an instant IMEI fix service. Service takes around 30 minutes to an hour once connected with a technician through the live chat.

Service is done by a remote tech through USB cable. After purchase, you must speak with a technician on the live chat during normal business hours from a windows computer to complete service on your phone.

We guarantee after service the IMEI will NEVER be blocked again for the life of the device. For Sprint or Verizon USA phones, they will ONLY work on GSM networks afterwards only such as T-Mobile, AT&T, Metro PCS, etc. You will NOT be able to use them again with Sprint or Verizon.

* Your device can NOT have knox tripped. If it does, phone is NOT eligible for service. *
You can check this information by booting phone into download mode and check there. If it shows KNOX=ON then knox has been tripped. Phone should show KNOX=OFF for service to work.

** All Note 9 models include factory unlock as well with this service, including T-Mobile and Sprint USA models.

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